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One Of A Kind..

Our difference.

Fixed pricing

When considering choosing a website designer or firm. Rarely is fixed pricing an option. No different than hiring a contractor to build a custom home. Delivery timelines and budget can quickly double making for a regretful experince. We provide upfront, transparent, fixed pricing.


Failure to code is coding to fail. Inexpensive websites in a box or cheap site offers by freelance designers all share one common trait, visually appealing sites devoid of strong backend code. Code that tells Google bots who you are, what your site does, how it does it, your products and service clearly explained. This is and can only be achieved with ardous and meticulous coding.


The entire OrangePineDesign™ team are based in San Francisco, CA. We do not sub-contract overseas. When evaluating custom website design firms, this is a very important consideration. Communicating your requirements with someone overseas who you can barely communicate with to begin with is an experience we guarantee you will remember and likely regret.

Satisfaction Guarantee

To our knowledge, OrangePineDesign™ is the only design agency to provide full refunds to clients if in any way dissatisfied with our final product. Even if we have worked 10 hours or 10 days on a project. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will provide a full refund upon request. With that said, we have never been asked to provide a refund to date. 

If You're Not Happy. We Do Not Charge.

Stand Out.

When it comes to website design, it's the backend coding that matters most. There's no point having a beautiful website that nobody sees. OrangePineDesign™ websites are coded to the highest levels and standards as set forth by Google, Yahoo & Bing. The better the coding, the higher your website will rank amongst it's competitors and relevant search terms.

Publishers (Search Engines) reward quality coding with higher rankings.

"I nearly went with another designer firm for 3 times the price and a friend told me about Orange Pine Design. Wow....our site was delivered in 5 days and was beyond our wildest expectations. Amazing  design and such nice people to work with."

Amanada K. | Presiden -KLH
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Nothing To Hide. is the Industry benchmark for testing quailty website coding and site speed. Well coded websites are favored by Google and rank higher in search results. Compare any OrangePineDesign™ website against a live, working of any other design firms work and evaluate the difference for yourself. 

Test Now

Your Way

You have an idea, even examples of how you want your website to be. A dedciated OrangePine Designer will be assigned to your account to listen.


01. To date, all of our clients have been thrilled with our custom design concepts. But we will revise until you are 100% satisfied.

02. To mitigate any risk of recieiving a website that does not meet your highest expectations. We do offer full refunds.

03. If you have content ready or an exisiting site to work from.  Please let your designer know.

04. You may opt to engage in daily progress updates or simply wait for final delivery. It's your wesite, your money...we work for you.

Our Way

Once debriefed, our design team creates the first iteration of your website. We continue to modify the design, content & display until you are 100% satisfied.


01. The first iteration of your new.custom website design will be ready to review within 5-7 business days of service engagament.

02. When speaking with your OrangePine Designer. Think in terms of how you want the site to feel. (e.g. Elegant, edgy, clean lines etc)

03. If you feel your design is not going the direction you want or not projecting your vision.  Let you designer know...don't be shy!

04. If you have an existing website, images or video you would like to incorporate into your new website, please let your designer know. 

The Only Way

Once your design is complete. The Orange Pine SEO team connect with Google, Bing & Yahoo to make sure your new site indexes correctly. 

ThinGs To Know

01. The frontend website design is approx. 20% of our coding effort. Poorly coded websites fail to rank well with search engines.

02. Every OrangePineDesign™ website coded reaches between the number one or number two spot within 48 hours of being launched.

03. Our websites score double A ratings with GT Metrix. A well coded site saves thousands in advertsing costs via organic ranking. 

04. Although our websites are handsome and pretty. Search engines  do not operate on beauty. It's all about strong backend code. 

We Dial 'Em In.

Right now, you are viewing our website on your laptop.

Our sites .

We code images and content for maximum 4K high-resoltuion performance on desktop devices.

We code all of our sites for horizontal or vertical viewing on all tablet devices.

We code to optimize mobile viewing. We can add, omit non-essential content for mobile viewing.

"Our old website needed an overhaul. Our new site is so fresh, modern and contemporary. We look like an entirely different company.  An instant, notable increase in sales. Our best investment this year to date."

Prestom K. | CMo - MKS DYNAMICS
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