You Don't Know...

What You Don't Know. (and that's ok)

Selecting someone to do this...

To get alot of this.

Is every site owners goal.

New Site Consulting.

We know alot. We share alot. All for $50.

Crooks, cowboys and conmen, the sad truth of many website design firms, free-lancers and overseas code farms .  We provide you with the right questions to ask, provide you with free technology tools to evaluate their past work as rated by Google. Share expensive pitfuls to avoid in addtion to sharing how it all works. That is...the ultimate goal, how to get your new website recognized and indexed as a professional business entity by Google etc. 

In the event you do engage OrangePineDesign™ as your technolgy partner. Our one-time $50 consultancy fee is refunded as a credit against services engaged.

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"The best $50 I have spent on my business. I learned more in 20 minutes than 5 straight days of research on the internet."

Josh K. | Nebraska.

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